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In order to achieve our goals, we must have Democrats to help in any way they can!  Congratulations!

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Joyce is a cornerstone of our organization as our Deputy Chair of Agriculture.  But Joyce made contributions to our party during the 2020 election season that many are not aware of.  On Monday, Nov 5, the Chair received a call from the Clerks' Office that our travel board member for the Democratic Party was ill and could not perform the duties that day.  The Chair made a plea for help, and Joyce answered.  What they all believed to be a few houses, turned into a 14 hour day of going house-to-house assisting people to vote.  Yes, Covid-positive houses.  Joyce arrived home at 10:30 that evening.

But, she wasn't done.  On election day, the Democratic judge at a polling station was unable to attend due to being exposed to Covid.  So what did Joyce do?  She got up early and headed our to work as the judge from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m..

The Huntington County Democratic Party, proudly and thankfully presented Joyce Bentz with the Democrat of the Year Award 2020.

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Our bubbly fundraising Deputy Chair is always up for a challenge.  2020 was no different.  You see, Mary Ellen single-handedly addressed over 10,000 envelopes for the Congressional candidate.  But she wasn't finished with just that!  She addressed postcards to Georgia to help flip those Senate seats blue!  She helps pick up or deliver things whenever the party needs here, but on Election day of Nov 6, 2020, she picked up and delivered the most precious cargo:  voters.  

The Chair received numerous calls the day of election from voters who needed a ride to the polls.  So, guess who stepped up?  Mary Ellen.  She never hesitated, even though she knew the risks to herself with Covid.

The Huntington County Democratic party is honored to have Mary Ellen on our team and we are gratefully presented Mary Ellen with the Democrat of the Year Award with our eternal gratitude and friendship.

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